Record Fall 2015 Issue

In the U.S. Armed Services, custom Bible resources transform the lives of military personnel and their families. Around the world, God’s Word is healing wounds of trauma and coming alive in unreached African languages.

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Reaching Millions in America’s Birthplace

American Bible Society relocated its headquarters to the heart of historic Philadelphia in August. The new home is across the street from landmarks such as Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell.Philadelphia welcomes 39 million visitors...

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New Bible App Reaches Youth on their Turf

An interactive Bible app called “Build Your Bible” recently launched for Google (Android) and Apple (iOS) devices. The app enables youth to engage portions of Scripture through a Bible knowledge game. The game lets players...

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Network TV Spurs Bible Reading

The NBC miniseries, “A.D.: The Bible Continues,” a dramatic retelling of the book of Acts, reached 9.5 million viewers during its 12-episode run this year. American Bible Society ran a series of blog posts based...

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State of the Bible 2015: God’s Word for All

This spring, American Bible Society and Barna Group released results from their 2015 State of the Bible survey. The annual survey takes the pulse of American beliefs and behaviors surrounding the Bible. This year’s survey...

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Scripture Reaches Global Families

The eighth World Meeting of Families will be held in Philadelphia from September 22-27. This international gathering of Catholic families is scheduled to draw more than 300,000 visitors each day and nearly 2 million visitors for the...

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When Seeing is Believing

In May 2014, more than 40 Christians gathered in a large room in Bangkok, Thailand. Their goal? To translate the Bible for one of the largest unreached people groups in Southeast Asia: the deaf. Deaf communities represent...

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