In Memoriam - Spring 2010

Alan Boardman
Given by First Presbyterian Church, Ithaca

My mother, Louise V. Flessner,
Given by David H. Flessner

Helen M. Hahn,
Given by Helen M. and Harry O. Hahn, Fund of the Berks County Community Foundation

My Wife Mary, My Son James and My Daughter Jennifer,
Given by Mr. Loren Kendall Harper

My wife, Gloria R. Heiss,
Given by William E. Heiss

Ruth Chastain Hulsey,
Given by Mr. F. Hall Reynolds II

My father, Rev. Kenneth P. MacDonald
Given by Mrs. Helen Elizabeth Beattie

My husband Leonard L. Meyer
Given by Dorothy E. Meyer

My husband, Rev. Raymond D. Morelock
Given by Mrs. Jessie E. Morelock

My parents, Joan L. Nicolson and Garth F. Nicolson
Given by Mr. Gerald and Mrs. Mary Nicolson Durbin

Fannie R. and Robert C. Pooley
Given by the Fannie R. Pooley Revocable Trust

Rev. Raymond M. Roden
Given by Mr. D. Dwayne Anderson

James Rupert
Given by Mary F. Driver

My husband, Hans H. Schafft
Given by Mrs. Lillian R. Schafft

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