Welcome Colonel Pace

American Bible Society is thrilled to welcome Chaplain (Colonel) Arthur Pace as the new executive director of its Armed Services Ministry. Colonel Pace comes to ABS, having served as command chaplain for the Northern Regional Medical Command.

“I am beyond excited,” Pace says about his new position. “This is an answer to prayer, and beyond my prayers . . . to be part of the American Bible Society team is nothing I even dreamed of.”

Pace's appointment comes at an important time for our armed services. “I want to see the Armed Services Ministry be the first go-to point for chaplains in all the services, when they have a need to minister to their troops,” Pace says.

“Our troops are being asked to do a lot right now, and they're seeing and experiencing things that nobody should have to experience,” Pace says.

Pace cites the current uptick in armed service personnel suicide rates as evidence of the incredible stress our troops currently face. “More and more is expected of them,” Pace says. “They wonder what's going to happen when they have to deploy, and there's going to be hundreds of thousands less of them to be able to go into war.”

Pace quotes his mother as understanding the value of this work. “I still give to American Bible Society!” he quotes her as saying. Why? As his mother, she says she is grateful that ABS consistently provided Bibles to her son and his troops when they needed them. “At no cost, wherever I was in the world, all I had to do is say ‘Here is what I need,' and those Bibles came,” Pace recalls.

You can join us in ensuring that our troops have that same access to God's Word today.

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