Record Summer 2011 Issue

Through Mission: Literacy, American Bible Society provides Bible resources that give students around the United States the hope of the Bible and the opportunity for a better future. Serial killer David Berkowitz shares his testimony of transformation that started with reading the Bible. In Cuba, the Bible Commission of Cuba begins to print Bibles locally.

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Is it true that the King James Bible was published on May 2, 1611?

Is it true that the King James Bible was published on May 2, 1611? — R.M., by telephone The King James Bible was certainly published in 1611, but the exact date of its release remains unknown. Since 1557, all...

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A 50-Year Legacy of Changing Lives

Thanks to our Bible-A-Month partners, these children and many others have been filled with the joy of knowing that Jesus loves them. (Photo courtesy of Bible Socity of Ghana.) They didn't know they...

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Reaching Far and Wide

(Photo by Benjamin Leamen.)Mission: Literacy lessons are currently being taught in 138 tutoring groups in 100 sites in 97 cities across the United States, including 16 newly opened sites in Hawaii. Stretching overseas, new Mission: Literacy sites have...

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Boundless Mercy

When you meet David Berkowitz, you're standing in the company of one of our nation's most notorious serial killers. David Berkowitz, the so-called Son of Sam, killed six people in New...

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