Record Spring 2012 Issue

In China, Christians celebrate the one hundred millionth Bible printed at Amity Printing Company in Nanjing, China. Many of these Bibles go directly to a growing population of Chinese Christians. Around the world, American Bible Society works to work with other Bible agencies through the Every Tribe Every Nation partnership to share innovative Bible resources. Orphans around the world also benefit from American Bible Society sharing the hope of the Bible.

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A Great Multitude That No One Could Count

Every Tribe Every Nation website Forty years is a long time — just ask the Children of Israel. Or ask the Eastern Jacaltec of Guatemala, who waited 40 years for the completion of a Bible translation in...

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A Ray of Hope in Turkana

Villagers in Nepeikar, Lodwar County, Kenya, carrying food supplies brought by the Bible Society of Kenya and the Anglican Church of Kenya in December 2011.Thanks to an American Bible Society emergency appeal last summer, some 2,000...

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A Living History of God's Word

Dating to the thirteenth century, this Ge’ez (ancient Ethiopian) Gospel book contains a colophon indicating it was commissioned by a woman and dedicated to her daughter. This is one of the earliest-surviving Ethiopian manuscripts,...

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God's Spirit Hovers Over China

Elder Fu Xianwei, Chairman of the Three-Self Patriotic MovementBarely more than 30 years ago, printing a Bible in China was illegal. Yet later this year, Amity Printing Company in Nanjing will roll its 100 millionth Bible — legally —...

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Photo Gallery: Cultivating Faith in Rural China

Learn more about American Bible Society’s work in China »Send Bibles to Brothers and Sisters in China »

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