Record Fall 2017 Issue

American Bible Society's faithful partners have been sharing God's Word with U.S. military members and their families for 200 years and counting. Bible-based trauma healing is transforming broken lives in Uganda. A new Oral Bible translation is bringing God's Word to life in rural Namibia.

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Peru: God’s Word Heals Victims of Domestic Violence

American Bible Society’s generous financial partners are helping bring God’s message of hope and love to families dealing with domestic violence in Peru. Peruvian Bible Society has trained more than 30,000 people to help...

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Ethiopia: Church Leaders Bring Bible Translation to Life

Church leaders in northern Ethiopia are becoming stronger Bible teachers through support from American Bible Society’s financial partners. A new Bible translation for the Tigrigna language launched in October 2015, and now Bible Society of...

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Syria: Healing Flows from God’s Word

Despite the horrific conditions on the ground, God is at work in Syria. In February 2017, American Bible Society partnered with Bible Society in Syria to train 43 Syrian church leaders in Bible-based trauma healing—a...

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China: Rural Believers Learn to Read the Bible

After waiting more than 100 years for a Bible translation in their heart language, the East Lisu people in rural China are learning to read the Bible through Scripture-based literacy classes. According to Jock Foo, a...

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A 3-Year-Old Iraqi Refugee’s Prayer

Our Father in heaven, So begins the earnest prayer of Ali, a three-year-old Iraqi refugee living in Southern Jordan. May your holy name be honored; Ali prays in a blend of Arabic and Assyrian, just...

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