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Representatives of different churches are united through Taizé prayer. Pictured here is Slovenia's recent Bible marathon, titled “Your Word — Strength in Times of Distress.” Ljubljana, Slovenia. (Photo courtesy of Bible Society of Slovenia)

Thank God for helping us through the financial crisis without any serious impact on our work. Praise him for progress with preparing the new revision of our Bible and for the warm response to our Bible advocacy initiatives. Pray for the members of our revision team, for our staff and board members and for our growing family of supporters.

Praise God for more than 30 years of serving the truth in Jordan and Iraq through the Bible Society in Jordan, located in Amman. Ask that he will guide us to the best location for our new headquarters. Give thanks for new opportunities for ministry, particularly among factory workers and prisoners, and for stronger relations with churches. Pray also for our ministry to children and young people.

We praise God for many things: the opportunity to distribute Scriptures to 15,000 disadvantaged people, the Lectio Divina program, which has opened doors for us in the Catholic Church, and the affordable Bibles provided for people in remote areas. Ask God to help us serve children, young people and prisoners and to bless our efforts to distribute a special Olympic calendar for the 7th Asian Winter Games that take place here this year.

Praise God for political stability, for the recording of the New Testament in Kossonké and for all our partners in this work. Give thanks, too, for the impact of our Holy Scriptures for Better Interaction With the Bible project. Pray for peaceful presidential elections, for land for a Bible house, for plans for a multimedia education center, for a distribution vehicle, for our fundraising and translation work and for safety along our northern border.

Thank God that our annual Bible marathon has been welcomed by the Catholics and by all other churches. From it a new program has emerged, called Developing a Bible Reading Culture. Pray that this will create a new need for the Word of God in our liberal, secular society. Pray, too, that the Lord will lead and guide our efforts so that many committed brothers and sisters will join us.

Thank God with us for the commemoration on May 3, 2010, of 45 years of Bible Society work in Suriname. Give thanks and praise for the opening of Bible Society regional distribution and promotion offices in Suriname and Guyana. We praise God for the revised New Testament in the indigenous Patamuna language from Guyana. Please keep praying with us for our Bible translation work in Sranan Tongo, Surinamese Javanese and Arowak. Remember, too, our work in French Guiana.

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