Pray Around the World

A young woman in Togo waits for a literacy class to begin.

We give thanks that we are celebrating the Year of the Bible with the Catholic Middle East Churches during 2012. Pray that it will generate a lasting interest in the Bible and the Bible Society, opening up distribution channels and changing lives through Scripture. We pray that our plans to modernize the Bible Society and build our capacity will gather momentum, and that the funds and resources we need will become available.

Please pray for the completion of the Kuna translation of the New Testament, for funds for its printing and that it will meet with acceptance among the Kuna people. Pray, too, for the success of our Scripture engagement projects in schools, colleges and government agencies, for the continuation of the literacy program among the Ngäbe Buglé people and for a new branch office and conference hall.

Please ask for God's blessings and protection over our staff and board. Ask God, too, for wisdom and guidance as we renew our spiritual covenant within United Bible Societies. Please join us in praying that the copyright for our Protestant text is returned to us, and for our ongoing and future projects.

Give thanks for our 185th anniversary celebrations last year. We produced the translation of La Palabra, el Mensaje de Dios para Mi (The Word, the Message of God for Me), suitable for Evangelical Churches in Spain and Latin America. Please pray for the Bible to influence our highly secularized society more deeply and for our efforts to reach a younger audience through new technologies. Please also pray for a new location for our office.

Praise God for good progress with our translation work and with our ministry to children and young people, and for support from the End2End program for Faith Comes By Hearing® listening groups. Pray for the completion of the translation of the Mina, Bassar and Ewé Bibles with Deuterocanon. Ask God to bless our relations with the churches and our work among prisoners, the unwell and drug addicts. Remember, too, the production of teaching materials for Sunday schools and the launch of the Handwritten Unity Bible project.

Give thanks for last year's launch of the Thai Standard Version (TSV) Bible; pray for its impact and for our work on the Study Bible, which is based on the TSV. Ask God that the 5,000 Christian leaders at the Thailand Congress on Evangelism will be greatly blessed by the The Word Bible software that we distributed. Pray also for the typesetters of the Pwo Karen Bible, for the health of the Urak Lawoi translator and for our sign language translation project.

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