A Bible for heroes!

Military Bible offers Troops a unique, life-changing Bible to meet their specific needs.

It’s hard to understand the loneliness of living a world away from those you love.

It’s hard to understand the fear of being surrounded by an enemy intent on your harm.

It’s hard to understand the suffering from a life-altering injury or watching a friend’s life be snuffed out.

We can’t always know or understand what the brave men and women of our military go through. However, there is one thing we can understand . . . and that is the healing power of God’s Word.

Support from our financial partners helps share the hope and comfort of the Bible with our American heroes. And, even better, we offer them a unique resource that provides them the encouragement of Scripture in a way that acknowledges and relates to their specific needs — the Military Bible.

The Military Bible was designed with Troops in mind. It speaks to them uniquely, helping draw the men and women of the military to Christ and disciple them. And, even better, these Service Members receive a unique resource that that provides the encouragement of Scripture to these brave Americans, especially those suffering from trauma.

One special way we are discipling Troops and Veterans is through the Military Bible Challenge Devotional that is included in the Military Bible. It’s a compelling 75-day devotional to help our American heroes grow in their relationship with Christ. For Troops who have never been to church, the Military Bible Challenge helps them easily understand the Bible from a perspective of serving in the military.

Steven*, who serves in the Army, says, “I recently graduated from the U.S. Army’s Basic Combat Training and received your Military Challenge Bible. I must say that I was truly delighted to be able to rekindle my faith in Jesus Christ our Lord. The layout of your Bible Challenges makes reading God’s Word fun, interesting, and true to life.”

The deep spiritual growth that this challenge facilitates provides hope for our nation’s heroes. The faith rooted in Scripture gets them through impossible situations.

One Chaplain from an Army Battalion wrote, “My last unit went through a tough time with three deaths to include suicide, vehicle accident, and a murder case. It was a tragic time! American Bible Society has tremendously helped our brigade. They are very proud to not only own a Bible with the unit crest, but also had the opportunity to participate in the Bible reading challenge. Thank you again for your service to our Troops!”

Our generous partners are making a difference for struggling American heroes just like these, but there are so many more who need the hope of God’s Word in their lives. Chaplains are asking for more Bibles, as they are in great demand. One Chaplain, deployed in Kuwait, said Service Members were “lining up to get their Bible.” The need is so great!

Thank you to our partners for all they do to help offer the healing and power of Scripture to our American heroes. Together, we can be there for those who are serving our nation in the farthest and most dangerous corners of the world.

Thanks to the support of our faithful financial partners, American Bible Society has been engaging people with the life-changing message of God’s Word for more than 200 years.

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