Record Winter 2017 Issue

Thanks to supporters like you, people around the world are seeing, hearing, and experiencing the power of God's Word. Cynthia, a teenager from Suriname, tells how everything changed when she met Jesus and got a Bible. Bible-based trauma healing is leading widows in Rwanda to bring their grief to Jesus and find joy. There's a new wave of Bible reading happening in Charlotte, NC, and it's changing the community for the better.

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Vietnam: Sign Language Bible Empowers Deaf Community

Most of the 1.2 million deaf people living in Vietnam are unable to read, and they are often ostracized from society and denied any educational opportunities. That is why American Bible Society is partnering with Vietnam...

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China: New Bible Unifies Minority Church

In some regions of China, 85 percent or more of Christian believers speak minority dialects and cannot understand Chinese. Through your prayers and support, United Bible Societies China Partnership helped a local team of translators bring...

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Kenya: Modern Translation Opens Scripture for Five Million Hearts

In July 2017, 5 million people in Kenya’s Kalenjin ethnic group received access to a modernized version of the Bible. The Kalenjin community is made up of 14 dialects. Speakers of each dialect can understand, to varying...

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Ghana: Oppressed Women Find Healing through the Bible

In Ghana, hundreds of women have been banished to “witch camps” after being falsely accused of sorcery. They are blamed for sickness, droughts, and fires, and they are often driven from their homes by violent...

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Lebanon: 15,000 Child Refugees Find Refuge in God’s Word

American Bible Society is partnering with Bible Society in Lebanon to help child refugees find hope and healing through Scripture. This ministry brings God’s Word to life for these children through an interactive dramatic...

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The Scars of Love

Elizabeth’s hands are mangled and gnarled. Six of her fingers are gone. A deep scar cuts across the back of her head. Her body is riddled with reminders of the day she was nearly...

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