Record Spring 2016 Issue

In China, translators are bringing God's Word to the rural church. A partnership reached thousands of Catholic pilgrims in Philadelphia. Video and audio Bibles help oral communities engage with God's Word.

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China: 30 Years of Printing God’s Word

Amity Printing Company, which is the only authorized printer of Bibles for China, celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2015. Since its founding, Amity Printing Company has grown into one of the largest Bible printing presses in...

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New Devotional Book Ministers to Military Wives

American Bible Society is helping launch a new devotional book for military wives. “Journey of a Military Wife: God’s Truth for Every Step” was written by Brenda Pace, a military wife for 28 years. “Everybody...

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Annual Bible Celebration Launches for U.S. Catholics

Building on partnership with American Bible Society during the World Meeting of Families, the United States Catholic Conference of Bishops launched a National Bible Week in November 2015. The Conference invites “families, parishes, schools and other...

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Leaders Gather to Strengthen U.S. Cities through Scripture

Last fall, God’s Word had a voice at Movement Day 2015 in New York City. The annual gathering of urban Christian leaders seeks to heal the spiritual wounds of U.S. cities through collaboration in...

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New Partnership Reaches Youth with the Bible

The 2015 “Teens & Bible Engagement” survey revealed that teenagers are more open to the message of the Bible before they hit their twenties, even though actual Bible reading among teenagers remains low. That’s why...

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Video Game Helps Kids Engage with Scripture

A new videogame, “The Aetherlight: Chronicles of the Resistance,” provides a digital platform for kids to learn about the Bible. The game, which opened to the public in January, shares the biblical narrative through a...

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A New Chapter for the Bible in Mongolia

Growing up in Mongolia, Bayar Garam didn’t know a single Christian. As a closed communist country, the Mongolian government controlled everything from religion to the press. “We were exactly like North Korea is today,”...

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