Liana’s Favorite Books: Episode 8

Dr. Liana Lupas gives you a tour of one of the very first New Testaments to be printed—and smuggled—in the Spanish language

In this episode of “Liana’s Favorite Books,” Dr. Liana Lupas takes you on a tour of a Spanish New Testament printed all the way back in 1556.

This tiny volume has some big stories to accompany it!

The very first Bible to be issued in Spain was, sadly, never read by the people. The Spanish Inquisition put a stop to its circulation. Today, only a few pages remain of that effort—safeguarded by the Hispanic Society of America in New York.

In this video, Dr. Lupas shows off a second edition of the New Testament in Spanish, which includes a bit of deception hidden inside. You see, the title page claims that this New Testament was printed in Venice (a Catholic republic) by someone named “Juan Philadelpho.” In actuality, it was printed in Geneva by the John Crispin—both notoriously Protestant monikers.

The pseudonymous guise and the portable size of this volume were meant to aid Protestant Bible smugglers in the distribution of this Spanish New Testament. But the Spanish Inquisition was not easily fooled. Bible smugglers continued to risk death if they were caught carrying this forbidden edition of the Scriptures. But many considered this price worth paying to spread the good news of the gospel in a language that the Spanish people could understand.

This little copy of God’s Word really is a precious treasure. Step inside and allow Dr. Lupas to take you on a tour of its beautiful pages!

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