How you can pray for those in Hurricane Florence’s path

With hundreds of thousands wondering what’s next, churches and nonprofits gear up to offer hurricane victims the hope of God’s Word.

Since making landfall on Friday morning, Hurricane Florence has crawled across the Carolinas, leaving flooded homes and downed power lines in its wake. Nearly 79,000 South Carolinians woke up in the dark. By 2 p.m., nearly 616,000 homes and businesses lost power in North Carolina, according to the state’s Department of Public Safety. As the storm hovers at a near stand-still over coastal communities, the slow-moving storm could pound some North Carolinian towns with over three feet of rain.

“Hurricane Florence is powerful, slow, and relentless,” says Roy Cooper, North Carolina governor, in an Associated Press report on Friday afternoon. “It’s an uninvited brute who doesn’t want to leave.”

Although downgraded to a Category 1 storm late Thursday, Florence’s gusts have reached 105 mph—the highest recorded in Wilmington during a hurricane since 1958. Coastal towns are getting hammered by life-threatening storm surges, while catastrophic freshwater flooding and landslides are expected to slam inland communities over the weekend.

How is American Bible Society responding to Hurricane Florence?

American Bible Society stands ready to provide comfort to those the grieving and hope for those left wondering what their future holds. As with previous disasters, we are working with The Salvation Army as part of our ongoing partnership to distribute Scripture resources alongside The Salvation Army’s emergency response efforts.

American Bible Society Scripture resources include Bibles, New Testaments, and a selection of Scripture passages titled “God Is Our Refuge and Shelter.”

We are also connecting with church partners in affected areas. This allows Scripture resources to quickly get into the hands of hurricane victims, supporting local congregations as they shine the light of hope in their communities for months to come.

How can I help people in Hurricane Florence’s path?

If your heart is burdened for those suffering from the hurricane, please pray with us:

Almighty Father, we ask that you remember those in the path of Hurricane Florence this weekend. In the midst of uncertainty, may they feel your presence and find peace that surpasses understanding. Equip first responders for the days ahead, giving them wisdom and strength. As communities rebuild in the weeks ahead, may your church be a beacon of comfort and physical assistance to those who have lost much.

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