Finding Hope with Isaiah Part 4: God’s Salvation

This five-part devotional series guides you through key Scripture passages in Isaiah

Because of our sins he was wounded,

beaten because of the evil we did.
We are healed by the punishment he suffered,
made whole by the blows he received.

Isaiah 53:5 GNT

In this fourth part of a five-part devotional series, “Finding Hope with Isaiah,” you can experience fresh encouragement in Scripture through key passages in Isaiah. Reflect on God’s promises with special content adapted from the Restoring Hope Bible and experience how God draws near to you through his Word.


Does God understand our suffering?

It could be easy to think that God is above suffering and hardship. After all, the Bible tells us that he created the world and that he rules over everything. But Scripture also contains the amazing truths of Jesus Christ’s life, death, and resurrection.

Jesus Christ, God in human flesh, lived in the same broken world we do. He experienced heartbreaks, afflictions, and suffering. As our Messiah, he took on the full weight of our sin to restore our relationship with God and with each other. Through him, we have salvation.

Because of Jesus, we have access to an all-powerful God who also identifies with us. God truly understands our hearts and invites us to share our pain with him.

Learn more about how Jesus Christ’s suffering can offer us hope in this five-day devotional guide!


American Bible Society’s Trauma Healing Ministry helps hurting people find hope and healing through the power of God’s Word. You can use free Bible-based resources like Trauma Healing Basics and crisis response materials to help people in your life experience the life-changing message of Scripture. Thank you for reflecting God’s love for suffering people!

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