3 Ways to Show Your Gratitude and Share God’s Love with Military Members This Armed Forces Day

You can bless military members, veterans, and their families with God’s Word

This Armed Forces Day, American Bible Society praises God for the men and women currently serving in the United States Military. We express our deepest gratitude for the sacrifices our country’s bravest heroes make to protect our nation. And we remember our commitment to equip those who serve with the eternal truths of God’s Word.

Since 1817, generous supporters like you have partnered with our Armed Services Ministry to provide our military members with Bibles and Scripture resources. This Armed Forces Day, here are three ways to show your gratitude and share God’s love with someone in the military community.

Strengthen Military Members with God’s Word

In the middle of combat, Airman Brian Thomas remembers clinging to Psalm 91.

“I had bullets flying all around me,” he says. “One of my brothers in arms died under a troop carrier next to me, but I was still standing on the hope of Psalm 91.”

Like Thomas, many of the men and women serving our nation have experienced unthinkable tragedies and traumas. These experiences leave both visible and invisible wounds. And, for those without the hope of Scripture, the weight of this suffering can make them feel abandoned by God and others.

You can provide words of encouragement, strength, and comfort to military members by sharing free Bible reading plans and Scripture resources from our Armed Services Ministry. These Scripture-focused resources remind military members that they are not alone and provide the life-saving message of salvation through Jesus Christ to our nation’s greatest heroes. Resources include a military-focused Bible reading challenge, Bible studies for military members in need of strength and encouragement, and an online Bible-based trauma healing course created for a military context.

Support Military Families with Scripture Resources Delivered Straight to Their Doorstep

For military families, life is often full of multiple moves and long deployments. And, like their parents, military kids face different challenges than most kids.

Military wife Danita Jenae remembers how alone she and her children felt after suddenly losing her husband.

“We were still house hunting, church hunting, and looking for schools,” she says. “We had no community yet, and I felt completely isolated as I entered into the hardest days of my life.” Then, Jenae and her children received a timely reminder of God’s love for them through our Hero Squad program.

This special program is free for military families, thanks to the donations of supporters like you, who are filling the gap and caring for entire military families with Scripture-focused, kid-friendly resources.

When Jenae and her family first joined, they received a welcome box containing Bibles for each family member. They also received age and gender-specific weekly devotionals that speak to the unique challenges military children face each day and a few thoughtful gifts and tools to bless them while strengthening their understanding of the gospel message.

“I want to thank everyone who has sown the seeds of this Hero Squad ministry,” says Jenae. “It is such a powerful ministry . . . Thank you, friends, for meeting a need and ministering to these kids who need constant and godly encouragement in their lives. I’m beyond grateful.”

You can become a Hero Squad partner and help waiting military families experience God’s love for them through his Word today!

Pray Faithfully for the Military Community

Each day, military members and their families face unique challenges.

“Veterans, military members, and their families have given so much in defense of our nation,” says Rev. Dr. Paul McCullough III, who serves as a senior field manager with American Bible Society’s Armed Services Ministry. “The least we can do is provide life-saving Scripture resources that speak to them in their heart language and let them know that they are not alone.”

As you provide life-saving Scripture to military communities, you can also show your support by praying faithfully for service members, veterans, and their families, as well as the chaplains and military-focused ministries serving these groups. Find inspiration for how to pray in this blog from American Bible Society’s Prayer Team.


You can put the Word of God into the hands of military members today! Give to support military members, veterans, and their families with Scripture.

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Elisabeth Trefsgar
Elisabeth Trefsgar

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