Give Thanks for God’s Goodness with Psalm 107

This Thanksgiving, rejoice in God’s many blessings

As we get closer to Thanksgiving, it’s easy to get distracted by all the good things we have to look forward to: delicious food, friends and family we haven’t seen all year, football games, crisp fall weather.… What’s not to love about this uniquely American holiday?

As you anticipate the joy of Thanksgiving, you also have a chance to reflect on the past year and review your reasons to be thankful.

God’s Word is a wonderful guide for rehearsing God’s faithfulness. One psalm perfectly suited to the season is Psalm 107. More than 400 years ago, the Pilgrims used this psalm to rehearse God’s goodness to them as they started their lives in the New World. Today, you can use this same psalm to reflect on God’s goodness to you this year and praise him for the ways he has blessed you!

Follow these six steps as you walk through Psalm 107 and give thanks to God!

Six Steps to Give Thanks to God with Psalm 107

Step 1: Give thanks to God for who he is (Verses 1 – 3)

Reflect on who God says he is in Scripture. Thank him first and foremost for being a God of mercy and love as well as justice (Numbers 14:18). Praise him for the way he has revealed himself to us in Scripture.

Step 2: Give thanks to God for the times he guided you through a difficult season (Verses 4 – 9)

Think back on the past year. When did you experience hardship, like a broken relationship, a difficult decision, a financial struggle? Reflect on how God was with you and thank him for his presence. Ask him to continue to guide you in the new year.

Step 3: Give thanks to God for the times he provided hope, strength, and comfort (Verses 10 – 16)

Even the happiest year has its difficult moments, and even the darkest year has its moments of hope. As you remember God’s blessings throughout the year, think back on when you needed encouragement, strength, or comfort. How did God provide for you? In what ways did you feel him draw near to you? Remember how God answered your prayers and thank him for being a loving Father!

Step 4: Give thanks to God for the times he showed you mercy and forgiveness (Verses 17 – 22)

Each one of us fails to live up to God’s perfect standard. But thanks to Jesus, we can run to God for forgiveness when we make a mistake. Reflect on times when God showed you mercy this year. Thank him for the forgiveness of sins he offers in Jesus and ask him to help you show the same forgiveness to others.

Step 5: Give thanks to God for the times he delivered you from danger (Verses 23 – 32)

When you’re sitting at dinner with your family and friends, it’s easy to look around the table and remember all the scary moments each person faced this year. Think back on times when God delivered you from danger, healed you from disease, or protected you in a situation that could have been disastrous. Praise him for his hand of protection and ask him for continued safety and health in the new year.

Step 6: Give thanks for how God provided for all your needs (Verses 33 – 43)

Above all, Thanksgiving is the perfect time to remember who gives us good gifts all year long. End your time in Psalm 107 by thanking God for providing for your needs—even the ones you didn’t know about! As you rehearse his goodness to you, thank God for the chance to pause and focus on thankfulness. Ask him to help you continue to praise him for his goodness all year long!

Happy Thanksgiving from American Bible Society! We hope you enjoyed this reflection on thankfulness. Continue exploring God’s Word with 3 Bible Verses That Reveal Reasons to be Thankful.

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