Why Julie Henricks named American Bible Society in her will…and how you can too

Julie grew up reading her grandmother’s Bible, which was published in 1844 by American Bible Society, and now she partners with us to share God’s Word with the world

Julie Henricks lives on her grandparents’ farm in rural Indiana. She loves gardening and attending her small country church, which has a strong Bible focus. Julie is also passionate about sharing God’s Word. One way she’s ensuring she leaves a Bible legacy is by naming American Bible Society in her Will.

“I like to think of who can use my resources when I’m gone, and the Bible Society seems like a natural fit. It goes along with my beliefs and my wish for my money to help people in the future.”

Julie put money in the church collection plate as a child and got serious about generosity in her late teens. She started giving to American Bible Society nearly 20 years ago and has loved seeing others receive God’s Word thanks to her gifts!

“It’s really heartening when I read the stories in Record to know how much the Bible means to people around the world.”

Julie knows American Bible Society will use her gifts to share Bibles with generations to come.

“If you believe that the Bible is valuable, then American Bible Society is an organization worth contributing to.”

Will you join people like Julie in sharing God’s Word? Get more information on Will planning by calling 800-549-3328 or emailing GiftPlanner@AmericanBible.org

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