“We are so thankful for these Bibles!”

Helping Chaplains comfort Troops

As tensions escalate around the world, American Troops risk their lives to protect the freedoms

and safety of those in need. Many Troops have nowhere to turn for relief from the trauma and stress of service. There are many Soldiers, Sailors, and Airmen who don’t own a Bible, and many have never even read God’s Word.

For these brave Service Members who put everything on the line for us, it’s difficult to find comfort and hope so far from home. But thanks to our partners’ generous support, Troops can know the life-transforming power of the Bible.

Because of our friends, Bibles are distributed to approximately 2,000 military Chaplains around the world. With the Bibles you help provide, lives and eternities are changed through God’s Word.

American Bible Society works with Chaplains and Veterans, and supplies Scripture resources written from the point of view of Soldiers — all to help Troops best understand and connect with the Bible.

“American Bible Society Bibles are the only complete Bibles we have on deployment,” says Chaplain Steve Smith*. “We are so thankful for these Bibles.”

By providing Scripture, our partners are offering our weary Troops hope for life and for eternity.

“During one of our Bible studies, an older Veteran here let us know that he has just now become a Christian,” Chaplain Smith recounted.

Chaplain Smith is just one of the many Service Members who has witnessed firsthand the emotional and spiritual healing that Troops can find in Scripture. Thank you for your ongoing support in bringing the Bible to our American military heroes.

*Name changed for privacy


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