“They Love These Bibles! “

The life-changing military Bibles you give lead our American heroes to faith in Christ!

Military life is tough. From boot camp to deployment to returning home as a Veteran — the brave men and women who serve in our Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, and National Guard need the Word of God. Through His Word, God saves and transforms lives. That is why the Bible Society works with nearly 2,000 Chaplains around the world to get specialized military Bibles into the hands of our Troops and Veterans.

These Bibles contain study guides specifically written to minister to, and encourage, our nation’s military heroes. The Military Bible Challenge, for example, is a 75-day devotional to help them easily understand and apply Scripture to their daily lives, even in the face of grave danger.

As one Army Chaplain writes, “We receive a new population of Soldiers constantly and run out of Bibles rather quickly. They love these Bibles!” An Air Force Combat Support Officer adds, “The Bibles are a big hit. It is amazing how hungry people are for the Word of God.”

And we recently received this update from the Director of the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) Ministry: “The cadets seemed exceptionally hungry for God’s Word! I lost count of the number of cases of Bibles we went through. At one point, we couldn’t open cases fast enough to keep up with the demand! I am honestly quite confident I could not disciple a soldier or an ROTC student with any other printed resource than the Military Challenge Bible.”

This is a mission that could not complete without the generous support of dedicated friends! Thanks to their help, these American heroes (who have never been in a church, or don’t have a relationship with Jesus, or don’t know how to begin reading God’s Word) are coming to know Christ as their Savior and growing in their faith through these Bibles.

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