The Message Behind the Music

Rojo promotes La Biblia Es Mi Guía on tour
Rojo’s lead singer/frontman, Emmanuel Espinosa, was 13 when his parents died. In a recent interview with ABS, he told of the impact that the Bible had on his life. “When I was 14, my older brother gave me the Bible. On my way to school, I’d be thinking about my dreams and desires, but I also had a lot of insecurities, especially about money. At that time the Bible became real and started helping me. It’s also at that time that God spoke to me and let me know he’s going to take care of me.”
Rojo officially represents the ABS campaign La Biblia Es Mi Guía (The Bible is My Guide), in English and Spanish. The group is one of the most popular Christian rock bands in Latin America. Now based in Houston, Texas, they tour all around the Spanish-speaking U.S. and Latin America. During their concerts, they invite attendees to join a Bible reading campaign. Concert-goers are encouraged to text to a number during the concert that will sign them up to receive a daily Bible message on their cell phones. Text messages will then offer opportunity to dig deeper into additional online tools available through the American Bible Society. Find out more about this effort at

Dove Award’s 2009 Male Vocalist of the Year, Brandon Heath, sharing his love of God’s Word.

A Rare Look Behind the Scenes
As the official charity of the 40th Annual Gospel Music Association’s (GMA) Dove Awards, ABS was given a rare look behind the scenes into the work and testimonies of GMA artists. The result is hundreds of video stories — including those from artists MercyMe, Sara Groves, Matthew West, Casting Crowns, Mandisa and Salvador — accessible online at
Of the experience, Share Your Story Now community manager, Abigail Tanori, said, “We were overwhelmed with amazing stories at GMA this year. One story we captured was with Norman Hutchins, a Christian gospel singer, who shared his testimony about being blind for several months. He and his wife shared how even though they didn’t know when his sight would come back they had faith that God would heal him. As a pastor of Frontline Ministries in Calif., his congregation looks to him to be a pillar of strength and faith. He shared how he needed to lean on God and that his wife was a “warrior” for him.
“One Sunday, God spoke to Norman and told him that his sight would return that week. The days passed with no sign of healing. Finally, Sunday morning came, and he saw a haze of light and the first thing he saw was his wife’s face. That day he was able to walk into church without assistance and be a testimony to those in the congregation,” said Abigail.
GMA Immerse
This summer, for the second year in a row, ABS sponsored its Scripture Song Award during the Gospel Music Association (GMA) Immerse National Talent Competition. The event was held in Nashville, from July 29-August 2. The winner was Joshua Johnson of Los Angeles, who submitted his song “Wait.” This event continues to uniquely equip artists to impact culture through music in and out of church.

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