The Hope of God’s Word Changes Lives in Peru

A Quechua Bible means Bonifacia can read about God in her heart language.

Bonifacia and her husband live in a thatched hut and barely scrape by raising guinea pigs and chickens. Life hasn’t been easy. Over the years, she has grieved the loss of three of her six children.

Bonifacia’s life changed when she received her very first Bible in her heart language. “I am very happy for the Bible in my own language, Quechua!” she says. “It will help me learn to read and help me understand God’s Word better.”

“Before knowing God, we worked in the farm, but nothing endured,” she continues. “Whatever we did wouldn’t last — the animals died and nothing remained.

“Many times, someone robbed our house. But now, we learned the Word of God and how God blesses his children. I am experiencing this blessing.”

For people like Bonifacia who live in extreme poverty, the hope found in the Bible is often life-changing.

Receiving God’s Word in a language that they can easily understand helps people in Peru put the values of God’s Word into practice and share God’s Word with their neighbors.

“There is nothing greater than serving the Lord,” Bonifacia says. “I am very grateful for all the Lord has done in our lives, and for everything we have received from him.”

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