The family she longed for…

A Kenyan orphan introduced to her Heavenly Father through Scripture

Kelsey* never knew a loving family. She arrived at Kenya’s New Hope Orphanage when she was just 2 years old after her mother and father died.

She remembers how painful it was to see happy families and hear about the families of her classmates. Some of the children were cruel and made fun of Kelsey for being an orphan.

“I cried. I cried a lot, wishing I could be like them,” she recalls.

Then at age 13, Kelsey received her own copy of God’s Word. In the Bible generous friends of the Bible Society helped provide, this heartbroken child learned about her Heavenly Father who loves her and will never leave her. In Scripture she discovered the family she always longed for!

Kelsey’s life began to turn around and her heart began to heal. She loved her Bible so much that she went to school with it and even kept it under her pillow! “I was happy about it!”

Today at age 18, Kelsey is sharing the hope of her Heavenly Father with others every chance she gets. She witnessed to her friends at school and many received Christ into their hearts, too!

Thanks to the support of our faithful friends, gives people like Kelsey, who have undergone tragedy and have loss, the chance to heal through the power of God’s Word. Scripture brings about a transformation and a healed heart!

*Names have been changed to protect privacy.

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