Thank You Notes from around the World

There are so many happy people who want to thank YOU for providing them with the precious gift of God’s Word!

From the Santal Tribe in Bangladesh

Because of you, the Santal tribal people, who live in the northwestern plains of Bangladesh, now hold the complete Bible in their hands and hearts. Through a Bible translation project you supported, 350,000 Santal people can now access the entirety of Scripture in their native language of Santali. Praise the Lord!

From Little Children in Nepal

Thanks to you, precious children in Nepal received colorful children’s Bibles and other Scripture materials that teach them about the love of Jesus. Now they love reading God’s Word every day and are discovering how important they are in God’s eyes.

From Emakhuwa Speakers in Mozambique

Through your prayers and support, the Makhuwa people are dancing for joy after receiving a new Bible translation in their heart language of Emakhuwa. Now more than 5 million Makhuwa people can easily understand the whole Bible for the first time in their history. What a treasure!

From Church Leaders in Ethiopia

Your support helped complete and distribute a new translation of the Bible in Ge‘ez, an ancient Ethiopian language used in historic Christian texts and modern church services. You can imagine just how important this newly published Bible will be for church leaders as they share God’s Word with their people.

From the Deaf Community in Peru

A hard-working team is translating the Bible into a sign language for the Deaf in Peru—an invisible community of almost 100,000. They lack access to education. Many take manual labor jobs to provide for their families. But now this group of marginalized people have stories about Jesus from the Gospel of Luke in their heart language with much more of the Scriptures still to come. Thanks to you, they are learning about Jesus’s love for them.

From Suffering Children in Latin America

With your prayers and support sustaining them, church leaders in Colombia are using our Bible-based trauma healing ministry to care for Venezuelan refugees. According to the UN, there are more than 6 million displaced Venezuelans worldwide. As frightened children flee from violence in their homeland, they will now be greeted by the healing message of God’s love for them. Thank you!

From New Christians in Hostile Countries

Through your witness, new believers are getting baptized in Muslim-majority countries after hearing the gospel proclaimed in audio Bible listening groups. Scripture listening groups are one of the main tools local Bible Societies use to help curious people explore the message of the Bible. Please pray that God will bless and protect these brave souls.

From Blind Believers in East Africa

Your prayers and support made the publication of the full Braille Bible in Swahili a reality. The publication of this Bible was a landmark moment for the blind community and the church in East Africa. The Bible launch took place in the Dodoma region of Tanzania, which is home to many people with visual disabilities due to high rates of trachoma. Thank you for bringing the Bible to life for this community.

Without you, we could not carry on this life-changing Bible ministry. Thank you! You can also send First Bibles to more waiting people by making a gift today: Give.Bible/GodsWord

Thanks to the support of our faithful financial partners, American Bible Society has been engaging people with the life-changing message of God’s Word for more than 200 years.

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