Shifting Conversations, a website launched by American Bible Society in January, gives news with a new twist. The site works by aggregating different news articles and videos that are circulating on social networks.

Each piece is accompanied by a question or comment that prompts readers to reflect on biblical, faith-based themes running through it. One recent article on an English duke’s son prompted readers to remember the biblical story of the prodigal son. Readers can then vote on articles they like or share the features with friends.

“We hope that this site will act as a springboard for conversations with friends,” says Matt Steinruck, Director of Bible Advocacy at ABS. “If enough of these conversations take place, we believe this generation will see a positive shift in understanding the Bible, God and Christianity.”

The team created the resource specifically for an 18 to 35-year-old target audience. These individuals may know about the Bible, but not know how to start conversations with other people about how the Bible relates to society and culture. These people can use as a resource to help shape conversations around them to reflect biblical themes.

One user commented that she uses to connect with her family. “I just finished reading an article that talked about how images in magazines lowers the self-esteem of young people,” she said. “I sent that on to my granddaughter. She’s 14 going on 15, and her esteem is affected by what she sees in magazines.”

“The most important thing is that you can give your opinion on it and see how they’re able to tie it into Scripture and the walk of faith,” she added. “Then you’re able to share it.”

Ultimately, explains Steinruck, the best-case scenario is a real, live discussion with friends. That is the most effective tool for people to reintroduce themes of faith into the larger conversation.

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