See, Hear, Experience

The End-to-End ministry shares God’s joy by helping people around the world see, hear, and experience God's Word.

Can you imagine life without Jesus? Around the world, millions of people are still waiting to hear that Jesus loves them. They have never read a word of the Bible. God’s Word may not exist in their language. Their hearts were handcrafted to experience the love of their creator, but they are cut off from the joy and hope he offers. Without access to God’s Word, how will they know his love?

This is where you come in.

Through your prayers and support, a ministry called End-to-End helps people in hard-to-reach places experience the life-changing message of the Bible in a language and format that speaks to their hearts. This ministry partnership between American Bible Society, the JESUS film, Faith Comes By Hearing, and national Bible Socities brings God’s Word to life through an innovative, three-phase process where people:

  1. See the JESUS film
  2. Hear God’s Word through Audio Scripture listening groups
  3. Experience the life-changing impact of Word of God through discipleship in local churches.

See. Hear. Experience. This simple formula is transforming people’s lives from Zambia to India to Suriname.

Meet Cynthia

Cynthia is an 18-year-old woman from a small village in Suriname. She speaks Saramaccan, a language spoken by 58,000 people—mostly the descendants of runaway slaves. Her isolated village was completely cut off from the gospel until the End-to-End ministry partnership shared God’s Word in their heart language, helping people like Cynthia see, hear, and experience the love of Christ for themselves. Just imagine the joy!

1. See

“Through the JESUS film, I became aware of his unconditional love for us all. He died for us and paid for our sins with his blood because he loves us. I was heartbroken to see how Jesus paid for our sins.”

Cynthia first encountered the gospel message in her heart language through the JESUS film—a dramatic reenactment of the Gospel of Luke. It has been translated into more than 1,500 languages and shown to 3 billion people around the world. Transcending boundaries of literacy, culture, and religious tradition, the JESUS film shares the story of God’s love and grace with people who don’t yet know how to read the Bible.

2. Hear

“The first time I read the Bible, I could not understand every word that was written. But the first time I heard the gospel in my own language, it was easy for me to understand. Nothing is clearer than hearing the gospel in your own language.”

After discovering God’s love for her through the JESUS film, Cynthia dug deeper into Scripture through an Audio Scripture listening group. Cynthia and her companions gathered regularly around a Proclaimer—a solar-powered audio Bible that broadcasts the Word of God in one of 1,000 languages. Together, they heard and discussed the life-changing message of the Bible.

Listening groups are usually rooted in local churches, but you will also find Proclaimers booming God’s message of love in orphanages, refugee camps, and isolated villages across the globe.

Cynthia, a Surinamese woman who was introduced to Jesus through the End-to-End program, says, “I am thankful that I am born again through Jesus Christ. I believe that God is able to change everyone’s heart and life, but we must be willing to commit our life to Christ.”

3. Experience

“Jesus changed my life, and because of him my life has more meaning. I believe that God is able to change everyone’s heart and life, but we must be willing to commit our life to Christ.” When people like Cynthia commit their lives to Jesus, they need to experience God’s love in his Word each day. That’s why the End-to-End ministry partnership helps local Bible Societies translate the Scriptures, distribute the Scriptures, and teach people how to read the Scriptures for themselves.

Every year, your support helps the End-to-End ministry partnership provide more than 300,000 Bibles, New Testaments, and Scripture Portions to new Christian disciples.

Cynthia’s entire world was radically changed when she met Jesus. Her heart was transformed. As Cynthia’s story demonstrates, this deep engagement with the Word of God is bringing hope to entire communities.

Today Cynthia leads a weekly Scripture listening and prayer group. She is actively involved with both churches in her small village. Through her witness—and through your prayers and support—she says all her friends have become followers of Jesus. As people like Cynthia see, hear, and experience Jesus for themselves, his message of hope multiplies in their communities and beyond, bringing God’s Word to the ends of the earth.

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