Rekindling hope through the Bible

Grieving father finds inner peace, thanks to The Good News

Zhan* was always a dedicated husband and father to his wife and children. He had moved his family from their rural farm to a nearby city to find steady work and provide the best life he could for them.

One day, volunteers came to his area passing out Bibles, made available thanks to people like you. Zhan received a copy of Scripture and was immediately taken with the messages of God’s love. His wife, however, was unmoved. She discouraged Zhan from reading further and urged him to focus on attaining worldly possessions.

They were able to live very comfortably as the years passed, but Zhan never felt satisfied. Despite being proud to provide a high standard of living for his family, he knew there must be more to life than financial wealth.

When Zhan’s wife passed from an illness, he mourned for the love of his life, the mother of his children, and he wondered how anything would ever return to normal.

Yet amid his grief, Zhan felt a spark of hope rekindling as he opened the Bible he received through the faithfulness of our financial partners.

God’s Word leapt from the page, filling Zhan with love, hope, and peace once again. Just a few weeks later, he was baptized and accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior.

“The Word is my love, my life, my purpose, and where I receive my direction now,” he said. “I want the next generation to know the peace which I have found.”

It is only because of our friends’ generosity and dedication to providing Bibles that even more people like Zhan can know the Good News. Thank you.

*Name changed for privacy

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