Raised in a Non-Christian Family, One Girl Overcame Darkness to Encounter God’s Word

In West Africa, young Aholou uncovered God’s love in the pages of Scripture

Even on a cloudless day, sunlight rarely permeates Aholou’s mud and straw hut. Located in Togo, West Africa, the home is completely sheltered from the light, a mandate imposed by her father.

But Aholou’s father’s behavior has kept her family from experiencing more than just sunlight. For as long as she can remember, he has discredited the Bible, ensuring everyone living in his home—Aholou, her five siblings and her four cousins—refrains from reading its pages.

Ironically, Aholou’s parents still enrolled her in a Bible-based school, as it was the only option close to their home. The experience has made a life-changing impact on Aholou.

At school, Aholou’s teacher shared Bible stories with the class on a daily basis. Because Aholou had never encountered Scripture before, these stories sparked her interest in studying God’s Word. Aholou’s fascination grew day by day until members of the Bible Society of Togo visited her class to distribute children’s Bibles. The gift, made possible by American Bible Society’s generous financial partners, equipped Aholou and her classmates to engage with the Bible on their terms: through illustrated stories and coloring pages.

When Aholou first held her own Bible, she felt afraid. “I did not know what my parent’s reaction would look like,” she says. But over time, joy prevailed. “I am very happy to have this Bible, and to know that Jesus Christ loves children and loves me, too.”

Today, Aholou clings to the pages of her Bible. On occasion, her parents have allowed her to attend a local church, a place where she can openly read and share her favorite Bible stories. She views this opportunity as chance to overcome the darkness she braves at home.

“I hope that this Bible will bring a change in my life, as well as in my parents’, who do not know Jesus,” she says. “I want Jesus to help me grow.”

Thanks to the support of our faithful financial partners, American Bible Society has been engaging people with the life-changing message of God’s Word for more than 200 years.

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