Pray Around the World

We thank God that, despite the difficult economic situation, the distribution of the Word of God by all churches continues smoothly. We thank him, too, that the Greek New Testament on CD had a warm welcome. We pray that we may continue to be partners with all Churches in their efforts to help people know God by his written Word.

Holy Land
Praise God for the impact of the monthly women's breakfast, for opportunities among both evangelical and historical churches and for the expansion of our projects and our staff team. Pray for God's guidance for our projects, asking that our community may experience God's love through our ministry. Ask, too, for more opportunities to distribute Bibles and other Christian materials.

We are hoping to launch the Revised Lao Bible this year after some delays in finalizing the project; give thanks for the efforts of UBS and the Lao Evangelical Church in progressing the work and pray that the new Bible blesses many people. Laos is still a closed country for Christian ministry and distributing the Bible is risky — please pray for those working to share God's Word and for more freedom for Christians.

We thank God for the millions buying scriptures and receiving them through our free programs. We thank him, too, for the Portion of Luke for Chenalhó and Zapotec children. Pray for increased distribution of Braille Bibles and sign language DVDs and for Faith Comes By Hearing® in Spanish and ethnic languages. Pray for continued funding for our indigenous-language translations and ask that people may benefit from and engage with our website and social networking sites. Pray for our promoters, staff and board.

Netherlands Antilles & Aruba
Thank God for our indispensable Bible World and Film & Bible Bus volunteers, old and new, and for the new coordinator of work in Aruba. May God give him guidance. Please remember the Papiamentu Study Bible translators, three of whom had health problems last year. Pray, too, for our Sowers' Club, who faithfully support us with finances and prayer. And remember our Make-Your-own Children's Bible project and our campaign against domestic violence.

Praise God for the opening of Bible house in Abuja. Give thanks, too, for successful elections, for the celebration of the anniversary of the King James Bible and for the election of board members and a new board chairman. Pray for religious tolerance in the north and ask that God's Word will illuminate every home besieged by darkness. Ask, too, that the church will positively influence the government. Please also pray for the trauma healing program, as there has been violence in response to the fuel subsidy elimination in January.

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