Pray Around the World

Azerbaijan, Ecuador, Peru, Philippines, Sudan and South Sudan, Uganda

Give thanks for the work translating the Bible into Azeri, Talish and Udi. Ask that God will bless these projects and that they will have an impact on many people. Praise him, too, for opportunities to publish, distribute and proclaim his Word. Pray for his protection and guidance, for future mission opportunities and for his blessing on all aspects of our work.

Give thanks for the completion of the process — begun at the end of 2009 — that has created a new Bible Society, a newly constituted general assembly and new staff. Please pray for the new translation projects rendering the Bible with Deuterocanon in Quichua Cañar and Quichua Imbabura. Please also pray for the distribution of God's Word to families and children at risk and for our outreach to teenagers using digital-format Bibles.

Give thanks for God's faithfulness. Pray for the work among illiterate people and children in need and for the building of the Bible Center and Interactive Bible Museum in Lima. Please also pray for strength and anointing for the staff. Please remember the new government and the Christian congressmen who were elected last year and who are due to remain in power until 2016.

Praise God for the launch of the Handwritten Unity Bible (HUB) project. Pray that it unites Filipinos under the banner of God's Word so that they may experience its transforming power. Pray that through the HUB project, generous support may flow for the May They Be One Bible campaign and help achieve the goal of distributing 5 million Bibles to poor Filipino families within seven years.

Sudan and South Sudan
Praise God for the two elections in this country. Continue to ask for wisdom for political leaders. Give thanks for the launch of the Dinka Padang and Shilluk translations. Pray for Bible work and ask for strength and wisdom for the staff. Thank God for the birth of South Sudan. Bible work needs to be revamped to take account of the new realities in the new nation. Pray for new staff and for effective collaboration with the churches in the South.

Thank God for his continued provision. Give thanks especially for the links with churches and para-church organizations. Remember the Teso and Maasai translation projects and ask God to guide the staff as they undertake an organizational audit. Pray for peaceful elections and ask that every Christian would treasure God's Word in their heart. Pray, too, for Bible work in Somalia.

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