Pray Around the World

Please join us in praying for our Christian brothers and sisters around the world.

Bible Societies around the world are sharing God’s message of hope and love with those who need it most. Here are prayer requests from a select group of these Bible Societies.

1. Guatemala

Please pray for Bible Society of Guatemala as it updates the Bible for the Quiché language group. The current Quiché Bible contains an outdated alphabet, which prevents young Quiché speakers from engaging with God’s Word. Pray that this new translation project would make the Bible available and alive for the 1.5 million Quiché speakers in Guatemala.

2. Benin

Thank God for the publication of a new Bible in the Goun language and a New Testament in the Aja language. Pray for the ongoing growth of Bible Society of Benin’s service to local churches.

3. Tanzania

Nearly 1,000 refugees pour into Tanzania every day, fleeing bloodshed in Congo and Burundi. Pray for local church leaders using Bible-based trauma healing to minister in Nyarugusu, the third largest refugee camp in the world. Ask God to bring deep and lasting healing for broken refugee families through this ministry.

4. China

Please pray for the faithful believers in rural China who are still waiting for access to God’s Word in their heart language. Pray that the government would approve Bible translation and printing requests, which help bring the Scriptures to Christians in rural China.

5. Philippines

Pray for the Philippine Bible Society as it aims to distribute 500,000 copies of the Bible to families in the country. Please also ask God to bless a new Scripture engagement program for women launching this year.

6. Australia

Give thanks to God for Bible Society of Australia, which is celebrating its 200th anniversary in 2017. Please also pray for its work in translating Scripture into several indigenous languages as well as into Australian sign language.

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