Pray Around the World

Please join us in praying for our Christian brothers and sisters around the world.

Bible Societies around the world are helping to spread God’s message of hope and love with those who need it most. Here are prayer requests from a select group of Bible Societies that ask you to lift them up in prayer.


Building on its Bible-based trauma healing program for oral cultures, American Bible Society’s partners in Uganda are launching audio trauma healing programs for broadcast via radio and mobile phones. Through this program, Ugandans will soon be able to connect with God’s Word in a brand new way. Please pray that the people of Uganda will encounter the healing power of the Bible through this audio program.


Bible Society of Egypt continues to open Christian bookstores in the Ain Shams area—a very poor part of Greater Cairo where thousands of Christians live. Please pray that these bookstores will be a beacon of light in the darkness, providing access to God’s Word for a region desperately in need of hope.


In 2017, churches around the world will commemorate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. German Bible Society is preparing for this historic milestone by producing a Martin Luther-themed Bible in one of Germany’s most popular Scripture translations. The Bible will launch on Reformation Day in October 2016. Please pray that this project would help spark a renewed interest in Bible study among the German people.

South Africa

Please ask God to bless a Bible-based literacy program for disadvantaged children hosted by Bible Society of South Africa. There are currently 15–20 million adults in South Africa who are not functionally literate; this program educates the next generation of South Africans while sharing God’s Word.


Domestic violence—physical, psychological and sexual— against teenagers and children is increasingly common in Bolivia, where more than half of the population is under the age of 24. Pray that victims of sexual violence and abuse would find spiritual healing and that all parents would love and nurture their children. Lift up Bolivian Bible Society as they share the hope of God’s Word with hurting families in Bolivia.


Almost one year has passed since a devastating earthquake struck Nepal in April 2015. Although damages from more recent earthquakes have been minor by comparison, Nepal Bible Society is still working to share the hope of the Bible with suffering people in Nepal. Please pray that Nepal’s residents will find strength in God’s Word as they continue to wait for their lives to return to normal.

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