Pray Around the World

Please join us in praying for our Christian brothers and sisters around the world.

Bible Societies around the world are helping to spread God’s message of hope and love with those who need it most. Here are prayer requests from a select group of Bible Societies that ask you to lift them up in prayer.


United Bible Societies in Venezuela requests special prayer for a Bible translation project. A team is working to bring the Old Testament to Venezuelans who speak the Piaroa language. Please pray that God would supply the necessary physical and spiritual resources for their translation team to bring all of God’s Word to this ethnic group.


In February, one of the most powerful storms ever recorded in the Southern Hemisphere tore through the islands of Fiji. According to the United Nations, Cyclone Winston left 120,000 people in need of shelter. As the nation begins to rebuild and recover from this devastating storm, pray that God would bring physical and spiritual healing. Ask God to bless the efforts of Bible Society in the South Pacific as they share God’s Word with hurting people.


Please pray for the African nation of Burundi, which has experienced violent political unrest in recent years. In addition to praying for peace in their nation, Bible Society of Burundi is asking partners to pray for God to bless the launch of the revised Kirundi Bible. Pray that God’s Word would encourage the people of Burundi in this difficult time.


Lift up United Bible Societies China Partnership as they undertake Bible translation projects for minority languages in China. While Mandarin remains the official language in China, there are also more than 400 minority language groups in the country, 77 percent of which have not been reached with God’s Word. Please ask God to bless the translators seeking to provide Scripture in the mother tongues of the millions still waiting.


Bible Society in Cambodia is seeking prayer for their Biblebased literacy program for students. In particular, the Bible Society is praying for God to protect staff and volunteers as they travel into remote parts of Cambodia to implement this literacy program. Please pray that the Lord would speak through his Word to these young students.


Pray for the Hellenic Bible Society in Greece as they minister to the thousands of Middle Eastern refugees pouring into Europe. They have partnered with local churches to distribute free meals and 20,000 New Testaments to refugee families. Greece is a nation already facing serious economic distress, including severe homelessness and an unemployment rate of 25 percent. Ask God to bless them as they bless needy refugees.

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