Please Pray

We invite you to focus your prayers on countries around the world where there is unrest, physical hardship and persecution.

Thank God for the peace that now prevails. Praise him for the donors who support our translation projects
and for the printing of the diglot
(two language) Umbundu/Portuguese Bible. Pray for Angola politicians, for the recruitment of young people to
carry out Bible work, for the acquisition of land on which to build Bible
House and for strong Bible Society leadership. Remember, too, our
Audio Scriptures project.
Thank God for allowing us to distribute Scriptures at outreach events. Thank him, too, for new staff members. Pray for our festival outreach ministry, asking that many young people will come to know the Lord. Pray also for our outreach to refugees and migrant workers, for the safety of our staff and for our new projects, including an
audio New Testament, a Hebrew
cross-reference Bible and Hebrew children’s Scriptures.
Thank God that despite political and economic unrest, more than 20,000 children have experienced the Bible World program, while thousands of young people visit our Books for Life center annually. Please pray for our activities among underprivileged communities that serve refugees, settlement camps, prisoners and neglected elderly people. Pray for
our Scripture publishing activities and for our productions of Bible resources exported to neighboring countries.
Pray for the production and launch of the first Moroccan New Testament — an exciting and historic event when people will hear God speaking to them in their heart language in print, on the Internet and on air. Please pray for the ministry to migrant workers and for permission to import Scripture in other languages, including Arabic and French.
Give thanks that our efforts are yielding fruit as God protects our staff during travel and book fair participation. Pray for both the workers and visitors during the opening of the new Christian Resource Center in Damascus. Also, pray for the many distribution programs taking place, including Scripture Calendars, Children’s Bibles and Bibles for
rural areas.

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