Partner Profile: Faith as Small as an Earring

One shop owner is using fashion to get Bibles into people’s hands around the world.

Lara Davis is a missionary—although not in the traditional sense. She doesn’t travel the world to build houses or consult with Bible translators in the field. Instead, Lara runs a women’s clothing and accessories store called One Faith Boutique in downtown Yukon, Oklahoma. And she’s spreading the good news of God’s love for the world by contributing a portion of each sale from her store to American Bible Society.

“I want everyone to have a Bible in their hands and to know more than anything that a relationship with Jesus changes your life now and for eternity,” Lara says.

One of Lara’s motivations for sharing God’s Word is her daughter, Faith. “Faith has asked me many times, ‘What about those people who don’t have Bibles?’”

That question was reverberating in Lara’s mind when God told her to launch a business to give women a place to buy affordable, fashionable clothes—all while contributing to something bigger than themselves.

“When God laid it on my heart that we were supposed to start this business, I felt him telling me that it wasn’t about clothes or style,” Lara explains. “It was to be a platform for spreading his Word.”

Taking this call seriously, Lara spent a lot of time researching to find an organization that shared her heart. “Everything led me back to American Bible Society,” Lara says. “They have the same drive and passion that I do, and that’s where I want my money and my customers’ money to go.” While donating a portion of every sale to American Bible Society was a no-brainer for Lara, some of her advisors encouraged her to keep 100 percent of her profits until the business was more firmly established.

But Lara has always been adamant that every dollar that comes in is God’s.

“Giving is the purpose of this business,” Lara says. “I trust that God will provide.”

And God has certainly provided.

Between 2014 and 2017, One Faith Boutique grew from a one-woman operation in a spare bedroom of Lara’s home to a 40-plus-employee business with thousands of items bursting from a warehouse in historic Yukon.

“To do what God’s done with this business is beyond me,” says Lara. “There’s no way I could ever take any credit for this business whatsoever, because it’s so obvious that it’s all him.” Through her partnership with American Bible Society, Lara is making an eternal difference by getting Bibles into people’s hands across the world.

As Lara says, “You can tell someone about God or quote them a verse from the Bible, but when you put a Bible in their hands and they read not just a verse but a whole chapter for themselves? That’s life-changing.”

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