“We have a lot of children in the church who want a Bible,” a pastor says

Among the pews of the fast-growing churches of Cuba you’ll find the nation’s treasures — the hope of the future. They are Cuba’s children. And they are crying out for God’s Word.

Cuba has a shortage of children’s Bibles. One Cuban pastor explains, “We have a lot of children in church who want a Bible. We have to say, ‘Sorry these are for the adults.’”

American Bible Society is investing in tomorrow’s church by placing Scriptures in the hands and hearts of children anxious to know more about God. This critical effort is part of our vision of “1 Million Bibles for Cuba.”

One young Christian from Cuba explains, “A Bible means to me a divine gift from God Himself. It is His word, His guide for our life and conduct. I can’t hardly imagine what it would mean to have 1 million Bibles for Cuba.”

Every children’s Bible placed in a boy or girl’s hands and heart makes an eternal difference! A youth pastor recently shared, “This is the first Bible for youth that we have ever received. It is really marvelous and a gift from God for us to receive and we are so thankful for receiving these Bibles.”

These important Scriptures for children and youth equip tomorrow’s generation with a foundation of faith that will transform the nation! Please pray with us for God’s continued provision in Cuba.

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