“My parents abandoned me.”

Providing God’s Word to those who are suffering and lost

When Sarath* thinks about the past, he remembers feeling deeply hurt, confused, hopeless, tired, and lonely. He recalls the pain of abandonment and rejection being so tangible that he hated himself and often wanted to take his own life.

With conditions in Sri Lanka spiraling out of control over the past couple of years, Sarath’s parents decided to take their teenaged son to an orphanage. They left him there. He hasn’t seen or heard from them since. To describe his feelings, he said, “It’s a nightmare and like hell to me.”

Thankfully, because of the generosity of American Bible Society friends, Bible-based trauma healing programs are becoming more available. Using God’s Word, adults, youth like Sarath, and even young children, can find hope and healing to recover from the deep wounds of physical and sexual abuse, along with other challenges.

Since receiving his Bible and attending the sessions, Sarath’s heart has begun to heal. He says, “I found answers to my questions in the Bible. I realized I am not the only one who suffered injustice. I found God loves me so much.”

He is also learning to forgive. “The Word of God refines my thoughts,” he shares. “I feel I am connected. I feel happy and satisfied. I am engaged with God.”

Now, Sarath is in training to become an electrician so that he can earn a living once he is old enough to be on his own.

Because of the kindness and generosity of our faithful partners, broken hearts can find healing and peace in Christ through Scripture!

*Name changed for privacy

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