“My Bible is my treasure.”

Bringing God’s Word to families in China

“There is no other woman like my wife!” Yuhang* says. “She has been a child of God since she was a child of her parents.”

Yuhang is like many good husbands, devoted to the wife he loves so dearly, the person who introduced him to Jesus. Together, they have dedicated their lives to God and spend quality time talking about their beliefs.

But Yuhang was not always so firm in his faith. Not until the unthinkable happened . . . when Yuhang found himself in a horrible tractor accident that almost ended his life.

“I cried to God for help. When I woke up, I was lying in a ditch. My tractor was destroyed, but I was not.”

Yuhang says surviving the crash strengthened his relationship with the Lord.

“I then believed in a God who cared for me each day,” he says.

Now, Yuhang is a devout believer. Together, he and his wife are finding strength while recovering from the experience. They’ve emerged from the struggle with a new understanding of God by sharing in the words of the Bible — a Bible provided by Bible-A-Month® Partners like you.

“Reading the Bible is not just something to do,” he says. “It is a primary activity in our home. I cannot let this book just sit on a shelf or table. My Bible is my treasure. I could read it all day.” Together, they are healing, and their faith is stronger than ever.

“Money is temporary and does not make people happy. We need to live in a way that gives us true riches — for eternity.”

Our generous partner are helping to give hope, enriching people’s souls for eternity and lifting up hurting people like Yuhang.

*Name changed for privacy

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