“Many wept when we gave them a Bible.”

The Bibles our friends helped provide are a source of life-sustaining hope for Ukrainians.

In the year since Russia invaded Ukraine, the generous support of our partners has helped provide over 800,000 Bibles to the elderly, families, and children who have endured brutality, trauma, and great loss. Bible Society teams and volunteers have bravely continued their mission to distribute Bibles even as bombs have gone off nearby.

Their determination is often rewarded with tears of joy. Families that have lost everything have taken refuge together for months in cellars and basements of bombed-out buildings, with no power and very little food. One man reading his new Bible by candlelight said, “The Bibles became like first aid.”

Others who evacuated to nearby countries fled with just the clothes on their backs. Vira*

was undergoing chemotherapy but left everything behind to escape. She says her new Bible is “the best gift.” When Daniela’s* city was destroyed, she took shelter in a local church where she also received her very first Bible. Soon after, she accepted Jesus as her Savior and is growing in her faith.

The children are especially grateful for the Bibles they receive, though their smiles scarcely veil the pain and fear in their eyes. Like their parents, they long for the hope and peace found in Scripture. One desperate father who had received a loaf of bread pleaded, “Can I return your bread for a children’s Bible? I would like to read Bible stories with my kids at home.”

The support of our generous friends is helping share hope, encouragement, and the love of Jesus Christ with our brothers and sisters enduring hardship in Ukraine. Thank you to our faithful partners for being messengers of God’s love by sharing the Bible.

*Name changed for privacy

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