Like Mother, Like Daughter

Sarah has a plan to share the Bible with future generations through her estate—and you can too!

When Sarah Ward came home from school every day, she found her mother doing the same thing: taking care of her big brother Ralph, Jr., who lived his entire life with undiagnosed Cerebral Palsy.

“He never walked or talked,” Sarah says. “My mother devoted her life to caring for him.” While Sarah’s mother fed and bathed her precious son, she also tended to little Sarah’s spiritual growth by teaching her Bible stories and helping her practice Bible memory “sword drills.”

“Through all those years, my mother’s strength and support were from the Bible,” Sarah says. “When she got all her jobs done—around midnight or one o’clock—even then she’d spend time reading God’s Word and praying.”

With her life of service grounded on the rock of God’s Word, it’s no surprise that Sarah’s mother did all she could to share the Scriptures with others.

“My mother was a supporter of American Bible Society. She gave money throughout the years, and that’s how I got started giving,” Sarah says. Today Sarah carries on her mother’s legacy as a prayer warrior and generous financial partner.

“We both believed in the importance of everyone having a Bible,” Sarah says. “The strongest way for people to follow Jesus is to read the Bible for themselves. Now it’s our opportunity to get it to everyone.”

By completing a simple application with American Bible Society’s Gift Planning team, Sarah now has a plan to share the Bible through her estate for generations to come—a gift that will keep on giving!

“As a fiscally responsible, conservative person, I’ve always believed in the importance of endowments,” Sarah explains. “And I want my legacy to reflect my Christian beliefs!”

Just as Sarah’s mother set a godly example for her daughter, Sarah encourages others to consider how they can maximize their gifts to share God’s Word with those who need it.

“Stewardship is a very important part of our Christian life,” Sarah says. “What better organization can we give to than one that is going to get God’s Word into people’s hands?”

Follow Sarah’s example and leave a legacy that reflects your Christian beliefs!

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