In the Potter’s Hands

You helped teen girls in an Israeli safe house recognize their value through pottery and Scripture

In Northern Israel, 19-year-old Lina steps into a ceramic studio to learn from a master potter—and ultimately about the true Master Potter, God. The trip is arranged by the Arab Israeli Bible Society, a special partner of the safe house for abused girls where Lina lives. From childhood, these girls have witnessed discrimination against women—in society, in the workforce, and even in churches. Lina has experienced the worst manifestations of that marginalization: physical and sexual abuse, forced withdrawal from school after eighth grade.

But today, Lina knows that she is valuable. The clay has turned into something beautiful in her hands. The teacher praises her work, encouraging her to develop her artistic gifts. During this pottery course, she has experienced kindness without criticism. She has experienced generosity without expectations. In the context of this love and care, she has begun to open her heart to a Master Potter who can shape her life into something beautiful.

Since 2009, partners like you have provided support for women like Lina—introducing them to God’s love through seminars, conferences, and trips hosted by the Bible Society. They receive Scripture, counseling, and study tools. Ultimately, these women are empowered to become leaders in their churches and communities. Inspired by God’s Word, they reflect Christ’s heart by seeing all people as God sees them: valuable and equal.

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