In Memoriam - Fall 2009

Alice Ball

Alice Ball. Photo by Benjamin Leaman

The American Bible Society celebrates the life and mourns the death of Alice Ball, who served with ABS from 1955 through 1988. At retirement she was one of the Bible Societies' top three general secretaries, the first woman to serve in that capacity. Her superb leadership, diligence and life marked a monumental time in Bible Society history. She will be missed and prayerfully remembered.

My Mother, Ethel Atkins
Given by Mrs. Peggy Nicodemus

Mary S. Bodenheimer
Given by Mrs. Kathleen B. McCracken

My Aunt, Uncle and Godparents, Verne and Hugh Campbell
Given by Mrs. Cindy Oliver

My Father, Jere Lawrence Crook Jr.
Given by Senter C. Crook

Our Brother-in-Law, Dr. Cecil G. Edwards
Given by Mr. & Mrs. Burton F. Merritt Jr.

Phil Flegal
Given by John De Leo

Francis Gay
Given by Keith P. Robinson

My Parents, Don and Muriel Grau
Given by Mrs. Cheryl Sypal

Mr. and Mrs. James L. Harbison
Given by Mrs. Emery G. Gathers

My Mother, Madeline W. Kindwall
Given by Vicki Kasal

James Peder Langergaard
Given by American Bible Society Staff

David McCracken
Given by Mrs. Kathleen B. McCracken

Henry Ravenhorst
Given by Lanora Ravenhorst and Stephanie Veldman

Alice Gay Robinson
Given by Keith P. Robinson

Aubrey Robinson
Given by Keith P. Robinson

Edward Durell Stone Jr.
Given by Anonymous

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