In Memoriam - Fall 2007

Frank Basile
Given by Mrs. Lucy Basile

Our son, David Beazley Jr.
Given by Mr. and Mrs. David C. Beazley

In memory of my beloved sister,
Louise Doris Bechlein
Given by the trust of her beloved brother,
Harry E. Bechlein

My husband, Anthony V. Blanks
My mother, Mary Doss Irby
Given by Mrs. Ora Irby Blanks

Presiding Elder Yale Benjamin Bruce Sr.
Given by David R. Smith

My husband, Arthur C. Bruner Jr.
Given by Mrs. Katharine Bruner

Mary Lesta Lowe Cosby
Given by Robert M. Cosby

My husband, Lanny D. Driver
Given by Mrs. Mary F. Driver

Les Ehrat and Karen Ehrat
Given by Mr. and Mrs. Glenn P. Young

My husband, Terry Holcomb
Given by Mrs. Edna Holcomb

Our son, Shane Mahaffee
Given by Stephen M. and Betty Martin

My aunt, Elsie I. Sainsbury
Given by Mrs. Dorothy I. Hill

Reverend Harold D. Smock
Given by the estate of Reverend Harold D. Smock

Olyne Upchurch
Given by the Estate of Olyne Upchurch

Jenny Wagenaar
Given by Anonymous

Anna M. Willingham
Given by John H. Willingham

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