I was really happy to be given my own Bible.”

Healing and hope through Scripture in a Kenyan orphanage

Anita* lived in a Kenyan orphanage for so long, she forgot what her life was like before arriving there at just 5 years old.

But the things she could barely remember still troubled her deeply. She longed for healing but had no idea where to turn.

There are many people like Anita in Kenya who are searching for a helping hand. Yet the country’s corruption, poverty, and instability plague everyday life and keep hope just out of reach.

Scripture holds the answer to their worries. And thanks to our generous friends, Anita and the other children at her orphanage received the Bibles they needed.

“I was really happy to be given my own Bible,” she says. “Now I am able to read and get some solution to solve these challenges that I face.”

Anita also went through the Bible Society’s Bible-based trauma healing program, and she has never felt better. She finds inspiration in her Bible and uses it to guide her daily life. “Psalm 116:12 says, ‘How can I repay the Lord for what he has done for me?’” Anita recalls. “That verse encourages me in everything that I do. It’s all about the grace of the Lord.”

Because of our generous financial partners, Anita’s life has been transformed by God’s Word and she has found the healing she needed.

“Thank you,” she says. “The Bible has really inspired me.”

*Name changed for privacy

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