“I tried to look for God.”

Sharing the Bible with gang members in Central America.

Marco* grew up in an extremely violent home. His father and mother brutally beat him and his siblings. But Marco thought there might be a better life possible.

“When I was 11 years old, I tried to look for God,” he says. He went to church for a short time, but when his father found out, he wouldn’t let him go anymore. Feeling rejected and unloved, the boy turned to the streets, joined a gang, and began doing drugs.

Marco’s life spiraled down even further. “I reached the bottom when I killed a person. My life changed. I was not a child anymore, I was a man feared by many people and I totally forgot God.”

He thought his life couldn’t get any worse when he was imprisoned. That’s when he discovered a better life really was possible.

“The chaplain of the Bible Society started to come to talk with us about God and gave me a Bible. Then I remembered those good moments when I used to go to church and the good feeling of having that perfect love in my life,” Marco says.

The more he learned about God through Scripture, the more Marco’s life began to change.

One prison guard says, “The Bible has changed the life of this young man. Marco was a troublemaker and undisciplined. Now he is a young man with a good attitude, orderly, and works well with others. He is turning things around.”

The continued support of our financial partners will provide Bibles and help transform the lives of even more people like Marco who are trapped in gang violence in the darkest parts of Central America.

*Name changed to protect privacy.

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