“I personally changed. My community has also changed.”

Survivors of genocide can finally experience healing through God’s Word.

How does anyone understand, heal, or move on from the knowledge that their entire people group was targeted for genocide? Though we will likely never know the full extent of the horrors involved, the Rwandan genocide in 1994 killed more than 800,000, primarily of the Tutsi people. Among those who survived, their memories are darkened by vicious brutality.

That kind of intense trauma can create barriers that prevent believers from engaging with God and His Word. Pastor Mugisha* leads a church in Rwanda. Having suffered his own traumatic events growing up as a refugee, he became interested in the Bible Society’s trauma healing ministry. He hosted three classes to help members of his church who survived the Rwandan genocide, so they could finally experience true peace and freedom in Jesus.

Though they were resistant to change at first, he says, “People from the group started testifying how they were healed and took action to help others. Many others began to ask if they could join the group because of challenging lessons of trauma healing.” Many began to recognize the ways their unresolved pain had caused them to hurt others, such as how they disciplined their children or dealt with others.

Pastor Mugisha benefited from the classes too. He says, “I personally changed. My community has also changed. My prayer is that all pastors can benefit from this program because they are keys of their community. These pastors can transform the community and the country.”

Alice* attended the class and received a Bible of her own to study. She survived a brutal war in her region between 1997-2000, during which her father was killed, and her mother’s arm was cut off by soldiers. “Hearing the Word of God helped me to understand His love, and the wounds of my heart are progressively healing,” she shares.

Through God’s grace and the gifts of our generous partners, people who have suffered greatly are receiving Bibles, powerful Scripture resources, healing, and freedom! We are so thankful to our partners for their continued support and prayers.

*Names changed for privacy

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