“I now feel that my life has purpose.”

One million Bibles reached people like Franco in Latin America during the pandemic!

The people of Argentina were hit hard during the pandemic. Friends like you helped distribute 1 million New Testaments across South America, Central America, and the Caribbean. Franco* received one. This is his story, in his own words.

When the pandemic started, I lost my job. Almost all of my friends and family lost their jobs, and it became really hard for me to provide for my family. I have a wife and a baby girl, so you can imagine my frustration.

During the pandemic, we had almost nothing. So, when people from church started giving us food, it was good. I also felt a little bit angry because I wanted to be able to provide for my family. As the days went by, I had conversations with the people, including the pastor. I realized there was something else that I was missing; it wasn’t just my frustration for not having a job or not being able to provide, but there was something deeper. I was lacking of purpose and joy.

The pastor gave me a New Testament and said there was something that I was not going to be able to give to my family whether I had a job or not, and that was salvation. He taught me that salvation was a gift that came only from God and that we could learn about the Good News in the Bible.

As we started reading the Bible as a family, things changed at home. I was cranky all day ’cause I hated being home, not doing anything. When we started reading the Bible at home, I understood I could rest and find consolation in God, so we started to enjoy our time together.

This Bible reminds me that my family’s well-being is in God’s hand, and I can trust that He will take care of us. I now feel that my life has purpose. God showed me that I could trust Him.

We are so grateful to our financial partners for providing Bibles and encouragement to families like Franco’s in Argentina and throughout Latin America.

*Name has been changed to protect privacy

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