“I am surprised to hear Jesus speaking in my language.”

More people are meeting Jesus, hearing the Word, and growing spiritually.

For 88 years, Ataners Mollel waited. A shepherd in rural East Africa, he waited for hope, for peace, and for Good News. Now through American Bible Society’s special ministry outreach in Tanzania, Mollel’s wait has ended.

Mollel’s journey of faith began when he saw the JESUS Film. He was so moved by the Gospel that he agreed to lead a local Scripture listening group. Mollel said, “I am surprised to hear Jesus speaking in my language. It seems like Jesus belonged to the Maasai tribe, because he was also a shepherd like us. I now believe and trust him and I will follow him throughout my remaining life.”

Now, thanks to American Bible Society’s financial partners, Mollel has a Bible of his own! And although he cannot yet read, his grandson reads God’s Word to him.

Through a three-step process of Scripture engagement and discipleship, more people like Mollel are meeting Jesus and growing in the Christian faith.

Here’s how helping people meet Jesus, hear the Word, and grow spiritually works:

  • First, hungry souls are invited to the JESUS Film.
  • Second, they join a local audio Scriptures listening group.
  • And finally, when they listen to at least 60 percent of the New Testament through the Bible listening group, they receive a Bible of their won.

Already American Bible Society’s financial partners have helped give more than 300,000 people access to God’s Word through this special three-step program! But we are not yet done. So many more wait for hope, for peace, for God’s Word. The continued support of our financial partners is critical to sharing the Gospel, engaging people in Scripture, and discipling believers with God’s Word.

Thanks to the support of our faithful financial partners, American Bible Society has been engaging people with the life-changing message of God’s Word for more than 200 years.

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