“God now speaks in my language.”

Making the Bible accessible for 10-year-old Claude and other Fon speakers.

Like one-third of Benin’s population, 10-year-old Claude* and his family live in poverty. They share one bedroom in their small home, and Claude works beside them on the farm — from morning to evening — to help them survive.

It’s enough to make him a little angry. Before he became a Christian, Claude would regularly get into fights with his friends. But then he received his first Bible in his heart language, a newly translated Fon Bible.

“Not having the Word of God is a problem. You have no way to guide you in your life,” Claude says. “When I got the Bible from the Bible Society, I felt happiness and joy. God now speaks in my language.”

Since receiving a Bible that he can understand and engage with, Claude says, “As I read the Word of God, I believe that it can help me live according to His will. People see that there is a change in my life. Today, I’m no more the guy who quarrels.”

“My life has changed,” he continues. “This Bible provides a chance for the Fon speakers. Through the Bible they can now know the only God, and his only son, Jesus Christ!”

The caring support of American Bible Society’s financial partners is helping provide Scripture in a language and format that speaks to hearts and transforms lives in Benin.

*Name changed to protect privacy.

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