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Egypt: Bible World


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Young Egyptian Christians are the minority in their classrooms. Photo by Francine Lange

This fall, a lively new attraction comes to the Heliopolis suburb of Cairo. Bible World is an interactive exhibition that promises to deliver fun and history to the 500,000 Christian children in the Greater Cairo area.

Sprawling over seven rooms on the ground floor of the Bible Society of Egypt, each area is designed with a different theme. One room features a Scriptorium set in Alexandria 270 B.C., where children can write a Bible verse on papyrus. Another invites them to set type and print passages from Scripture on a re-created Gutenberg press. Further on, a “space capsule” takes children on a journey through the history of the Bible, and the voice-over narration relates the story of the role that Egyptians played in the early preservation and transmission of the Bible. The whole experience is designed to provide hands-on learning about the history of God’s Word — and to make it fun.

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