Couponing for the Kingdom

How One Partner’s Careful Money Management Is Allowing Her to Store Up Treasures in Heaven

I’m just a simple person, living a simple life,” says Beverly Emil. In the world’s eyes, that might seem true. But from a Christian perspective, 84-year-old Beverly is a hero.

Beverly is retired from a successful, forty-year career as a Registered Nurse for two hospitals in Minnesota and Colorado. Now a senior citizen, Beverly receives a comfortable retirement income, but she lives frugally and is a big fan of couponing. What she saves, she gives.

Beverly lives out Matthew 6:19–20, which says, “Do not store up riches for yourselves here on earth … Instead, store up riches for yourselves in heaven.” She has a handwritten list of 94 charities that she routinely gives to in order to see God’s will done on earth as it is in Heaven. Frugality and tithing—that’s a powerful Kingdom-building combination.

Though a world traveler, Beverly does not own a car. She walks everywhere—to church, the store, the library—and even takes extra daily walks. “It keeps me in good health,” she says. Along her walks, Beverly collects discarded aluminum cans. These she crushes, bags, and carries to a recycling center. The coins she receives from this effort are collected in a mite box to support missionaries through her church.

Beverly loves her Bible. She reads everyday using a well-worn American Bible Society Bible reading guide. “I have used this guide for many years,” she explains. “I like it. It works for me.” The guide has led Beverly through the entire Bible annually for numerous years.

Because the Bible is so important to Beverly, she wants to share it with others. She worked with gift planning advisors at American Bible Society to establish a plan that allows her to provide income for many years for her favorite Bible charities—including American Bible Society. This tax-efficient arrangement allows Beverly to continue sharing the Gospel once she has gone home to Heaven. In her life and beyond, Beverly humbly and graciously serves the God she loves. Thank you, Beverly!

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